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Serious Cost Savings

  • .Ocean Express catamarans experience at least 40% better fuel economy.

    • In many cases, running 35 to 40 MPH at 3 miles per gallon

    • 800 to 900 mile cruising range with 300 gallons of fuel

  • Our outboard motors have a 50% duty cycle advantage over V-bottom counterparts.

    • Meaning your motors, with proper care, will last TWICE as long

    • re-read the fuel economy stat because its actually absurd how much money you save


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  • Length for length & beam for beam…

    • Ocean Express twin outboard catamarans are faster than triple engine v-bottoms.

    • OE motors range from 72” to 88” apart rather than 24”

      • Better Maneuverability

      • No bow thrusters needed

  • OE surface piercing technology (see diagram)

    • Shallow water operation of 24”

    • Dramatically reduces drag and stress on the lower units

    • Due to higher X-dimension, OE outboard power heads are further from the water


  • Catamarans are far more stable. period.

    • Run on top of the water

    • Do not lose sight of horizon on takeoff

    • Turn flat

    • Run on plane at FULL capacity at only 20 mph

  • 40% softer ride

    • OE catamarans glide over 24 steps, utilizing a large air entrapment tunnel.

      • Sit down capability

      • Less stress on knees and back