To bring the offshore catamaran into the space age,

modern materials and designs must be used.  Recent years have produced a revolution in the fiberglass boating industry.  There is no longer a need to produce huge, heavy offshore boats equipped with giant, fuel guzzling engines, in order to have a fast boat.  Strength can be engineered by using the proper materials for the job rather than adding more material like most production boat builders.

For four decades,

Ross Edward Focht of Ocean Express Powerboats has been on the leading edge of catamaran design technology.  His development of high quality, high technology composite catamarans has set standards throughout the world.  His innovative ideas drive the Ocean Express Team to produce a boat that is fast, strong, and efficient.

The communities of Algonac and Clay Township have a rich tradition of building powerboats. This dates back to the 1930s when The Chris Craft Company was setting the world standard for excellence in boat manufacturing. During this era, they also routinely set world speed records in the local flats surrounding Harsens Island.  Appropriately, the area is now referred to as, "Where It All Began".

Ross Focht, founder of Ocean Express Powerboats and Focht Marine Design, has continued this tradition and is recognized within the powerboat catamaran industry as a leading force in design and manufacturing. Ross has the unique distinction of having designed and built the Worlds first Offshore Composite Power Catamaran.  His designs are regularly seen in publications like Offshore Powerboat Racing, Poker Run and Sport Boating.